Contact Deacon Paul Dacri at the Rectory (508) 756-7165

            Please contact the Parish Office at least one year prior to the planned date of marriage

        Sacrament of the Sick
            Contact the Parish Office at (508) 756-7165 for a priest

            Mass for Healing & Sacrament of the Sick every third Tuesday at 6:15 PM

        Sacrament of Reconciliation
            Monday - Thursday: 6:45 PM (after Mass)
            Saturday: 3:00 PM

        Weekday Masses

            Monday - Friday 6:15 PM

            Angelus & Rosary at 5:50 PM

        Lord's Day Masses

            Saturday 4:15 PM and 7:15 PM

            Sunday 8:00 AM, 10:15 AM, 12:15 PM and 7:15 PM

        RCIA: Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

            Please contact the Rectory at (508) 756-7165 to enroll